WhiteHorse Chinese Kempo
A comprehensive, traditional fighting school - Gigong, Kickboxing, Self-Defense Seminars, Grappling,
Sparring, Tactical Defense, Weapons Defense, Weaponry, Kata, Kids Classes, Tai Chi, Private Instruction

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Welcome to WhiteHorse Chinese Kempo located in Louisburg, Kansas.

Instructing on traditional centuries old martial arts lifestyle- our ONLY goal.

Please visit our facebook page for current events, schedule changes and photos.

(913) 731-5155
Classes for ages 7 to adult are ongoing and signup is available at anytime.  Visitors are welcome.

WhiteHorse Chinese Kempo
7440 W 327th, Louisburg, KS 66053
(913) 731-5155

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                     913.731.5155           Louisburg, KS

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